Sunday, February 6, 2011

Animal Hats On Parade

Because my friend ordered so many hats for her daughters, I decided to make some more animal hats for my "zoo"!  With so many snow days and a horrible bout of bronchitis, I have had ample time to crochet my fingers to the bone and make more friends!
Brown Owl Crochet Hat

Family of Crochet Frog Hats for Teens and Toddlers

Koala Crochet Hat

Crochet Bulldog Hat

Crochet Bee Hat for Child

Crochet Elf Hat

Crochet Ladybug Hat

Lime Green Crochet Sock Monkey Hat

Crochet Mohawk Hat

Crochet Penguin Hat

Crochet Sock Monkey with Hot Pink

Crochet Yellow Owl Hat

Pink Flamingo Crochet Hat

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Animal Hat Bonanza!

The Sock Monkey Hats!

I had NO idea that making a few sock monkey hats for my daughters and posting the pictures on facebook, was going to create such a stir.  So after a few requests, I made a few for friends, no big deal.  Then someone asked if I could make an I did!
Crochet Elephant Hat

 Then the same person asked if I could make a Polar Bear.....

Crochet Polar Bear Hat

The next request was for a zebra:
Crochet Zebra Hat

Crochet Zebra Hat with Mane of Hair
 And finally a giraffe:
Crochet Giraffe Hat

Also has a mane in the back, along with spots!

Then just because I LOVE hedgehogs....I decided to make Hattie the Hedgehog:

Crochet Hedgehog Hat
So that has been fun!  And now my hands are getting sore, but I still want to tackle an owl, a ladybug, a frog, and a mohawk helmet or two so my son has something fun to wear!  I'm not sure when I will have the time, but American Idol and Glee will probably give me some time!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Teenage Drama Queen Bedroom Makeover!

Whew...glad THIS project is finally over!  In celebration of my baby girl turning the big 13, she requested that her little pink bedroom be updated! (And that we pierce her ears) I knew this day was coming and started shopping about 2 years ago, so I have no idea how much money I have into this HUGE update, but it was worth every minute.....
First their was the huge scream...note big brother's quick thinking!

Then there was speechlessness and she spun around in a circle over and over and over and over and over....

Then the tears started (and so did mine)!

And THIS is what I am most proud of...the accent wall!  I will have a tutorial for this later!

I'm also proud of the pillows I made, although the zebra one she bought and the chandelier was my purchase.

This was a MESS when we brought it home from the Goodwill, but after some spray paint disasters and weeks trying to figure out how to replace all the broken handles, my husband and I finally finished her "new" armoir!

Every little girl needs a wall filled with pictures of her friends, and she is no exception.  I had a blast on Picnik creating her photo accessories!
Her vanity area received an update with the bulletin board, which was a frame I found on clearance for $7.00!  We popped off the glass and added some corkboard that the previous owners left laying around our house.

Girl's rooms always seem cluttered to me, but at least we corralled it a few years ago with this bookcase from Target.  It received a good cleaning and rearranging.

The study corner includes her magnetic boards from the previous room along with a new wall shelf found on clearance for $4.99 and painted in a chic glossy black.

She REALLY wanted a chandelier in her room, but hubby just couldn't be convinced that was a good idea.  Our youngest daughter suggested the vinyl alternative from Hobby Lobby and the silver frame on the left was purchased on clearance at Marshalls for $3.00 and embellished with bling.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It seems I am always making and creating something!  I decided to whip up a new bag for myself to take on a trip to New Orleans and came up with this:
 And then I made a few more bags and scarves to sell:

And for a book club for my tween-age daughters, I made some purse and lipstick cookies for the snack:

I didn't own a cookie cutter for the purses.  I just used my trusty google toolbar and searched out purse cookie images and cut them out by hand.  I think they came out cute and the girls LOVED them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Upcycling Frenzy

Summer and fall have disappeared before my very eyes and I KNOW that I have accomplished SOMETHING in the last few months!  So here is a sampling of my latest UPCYCLING FRENZY!  I just get a thrill from finding a beautiful cashmere or wool sweater at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army and turning it into something extra special!  I feel like I'm accomplishing something good for the environment and bringing a smile to some lucky person's face when she wears or carries an original and one of a kind creation!
Gray wool upcycled scarf-Sold at Canton Museum of Art
Thank You!

Beautiful Green Wool Scarf Lined with soft fleece!
Available at Lynda Tuttle's Art Center on 6th Street In Canton!

Blue Cashmere Scarf-Sold at the Canton Museum of Art
Thank You!

Eggplant Wool Sweater-Upcycled with Stunning Rose
Available at the Canton Museum of Art

Red Wool Sweater Upcycled into Rose Purse
Available at Lynda Tuttle's Art Center

Upcycled Wool Sweater Hat with Removable Brooch
Available at Lynda Tuttle's Art Center

Upcycled Wool Sweater Hat
Available at Lynda Tuttle's Art Center

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fabric Jewelry

Inspired by a tutorial at tatertots and jello and a rather large amount of burlap that was once used as a window treatment for my son's bedroom, I decided to whip these Burlap Bangles up:
And of course, my hours of surfing etsy inspired me to make my own shabby roses for this:

and for these:

Which then led me into another HUGE project for a friend!

A girlfriend asked me to make a purse from her First Communion Dress for her daughter to carry on her own First Communion.  Now while this idea seems cute at first, once you see the HANDMADE DRESS WITH FRENCH SEAMS made lovingly by her aunt, and realize YOU HAVE TO CUT IT suddenly doesn't seem like such a great idea!

Logically of course, it was a good idea.  The dress was very tiny and it was doubtful that anybody would ever be able to wear it.  In addition, she had already had a custom dress made for her daughter which bore a striking resemblance to the eyelet beauty I was going to repurpose.  But I just couldn't cut it....

Somehow I worked up the guts and after many deep breaths.....a few sobs....I cut into this:
Look at that beautiful fabric--which I cleaned in Oxi Clean to rid it of the yellow tinge.

Then, per our agreement, I made a little drawstring purse to match the sleeves on her new dress:

With the extra fabric, we also decided a small pillow for her daughter to use to carry her rosary or as a ring bearer pillow, would be darling.  I used the dress sleeves to make the pockets.

And of course, we also decided that some shabby fabric roses would be darling mixed in with live roses as a wreath for her hair on the big day!

And because I love a cute headband, and there was still fabric remaining from the back zipper panel, I decided to surprise her with this:

Which included the lace from the original dress neckline.  Ironically, this was her favorite item!
So one dress, a few hours, a ton of blood, sweat and tears and we finished with all this:

Whew....glad that is over!